A Little More Of Me

Blog 948 – 03.30.2018

A Little More Of Me

The key to thinking more of others as counter-intuitive as it may seem is not thinking less of ourselves but more. Others are really just reflections of ourself and we think of them and treat them as shabbily or as exaltedly as we think of and treat ourselves. If you do not believe that just listen to your own self-talk, those things you say to yourself, often without thinking. Do not those words not also sound quite similar to what we often say about others if not to their faces when they are not listening?

Self discovery is our ultimate mission here, finding out Who and Whose we truly are. All along the way there are clues to answer the questions we often ask ourselves:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What for?

For Whom?

The answer to those questions and many more is a simple two letter word, “Me.” To think a little more of others, I, We, need, to think a little more of, “Me.” I have changed but one word in the title and in Glen Campbell’s song, “Less Of Me.” That is what I like to do, change words, turn them around, to see what else they might say – point and counter point. Listen to my version on Glen’s song:


Your friend and fellow traveler,

The true “Number one fan of the man from Tennessee”

David White

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