Have A Ball

Blog 943 – 03.25.2018

Have A Ball

I have remarked more than once in the course of over nine hundred blogs that I believe life was meant to be fun. As children we already knew that well and as the song says, “Girls just wanna have fun.” And there is enough fun loving child, boy and girl, in all of us that we should relax and have a little more fun anytime we can. I believe the Universe presents such opportunities daily but the “grown-up” in us usually says some stupid adult thing like “work first, then play” or “eat your vegetables first, then dessert.” Everybody with the sense of a brilliant child knows full well that dessert always tastes better first and that work is often even more than tolerable after some fun play.

When I first saw this beautiful picture of a ball that a dear and beloved friend sent me, (That is the only kind of friends that I have, “Dear and Beloved.” They are each unique and special to me.) I knew I would have to write a blog just so I could use this picture. It is a beautiful ball, that I am sure was mass produced, but this one showed up unannounced and tickled my friend’s heart, mine, and I hope yours too. It is a bouncy ball just right for catch, four square, and the milder more fun version of dodgeball. Kids love balls. Don’t we?

In the nineteen fifties a black rock and roller named Little Richard, who was for a while more famous even than Elvis Presley sang, “Good Golly, Miss Molly, She Sure Likes To Ball.” All the bobby-soxers knew that “ball” in that song meant the most fun thing two people can do with one another and that that was considered by adults to be taboo for teens. Those teens and many teens today think adults are silly and cannot even imagine some of them especially their parents “having a ball” anymore because they appears to live such serous lives full of work and rules but void of fun.

I have been young, middle aged, and some of you youngsters might consider me old now, but my advice to one and all is: Have A Ball! And if you cannot find a partner as Elvis suggests in his song Jail House Rock, “Use a wooden chair” or a pretty bouncing ball.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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