Good For The Soul

Blog 942 – 03.24.2018

Good For The Soul

A dear and beloved friend said to her my best writing is my stories, not my opinion pieces, but all stories too are from a certain point of view to express an opinion. One of the oldest stories, most probably passed down by word of mouth, and then put to parchment by Moses is the Creation Story. Some believe it is literally true but the more likely story is that it is mostly if not entirely mythical to put forward an important point, I am afraid often missed.

I believe the real message of the Creation Story is to explain the great split in the human psyche into masculine and feminine. I am quite convinced that both of those marvelous characteristics and points of view reside in all of us. Men are often at least these days advised to “get in touch with their feminine side” and women have forever been told to, “think like a man” as if one or the other were superior or exclusive to one sex.

In this relatively short piece I will attempt to explain a great mystery, to expose the mangle that is the mind of man and also the feminine mystic. We are One, we were created One, but something happened in the garden of our early youth that split our mind, our heart, our soul seemingly into two.

Some think it was the eating of the forbidden fruit, breaking the one and only rule, and so see man’s story (woman and man) as a story of guilt and sacrifice to obtain atonement. Others that it happened during a dream when a part of man was taken to make a woman, that missing rib becoming his better half to guide him and her back to Oneness. But ole “skewed view Dave” sees another more plausible place in the story where the true split occurred, before the stollen rib, the dream girl, and before the forbidden fruit was eaten.

We are told that one by one the man named all the animals. And that later he was told that he alone would have dominion and rule over all of them. Isn’t that just like a man to name something so he can minimize it, make it seem smaller, so he can lord over it. Even “wo-man” is such a name and almost immediately the male part thought that it was superior to the feminine, in fact to all creation. Not so, never was, never could be. I believe in this regard that the First People on this hemisphere’s perspective was more correct that the Judeo-Christian Muslim-Western one. They taught that every rock, and tree, and creature has a spirit, has a name. And has no need for cocky western man to rename them and thereby make them seem smaller or less than.

In that first garden story that is what man did and oh he blamed the idea on God, doesn’t he blame all his bad ideas on God or an imaginary Devil that “made him do it.”? When man named everything it made him feel better than everything even his creator and he said in his heart, “there is nothing like me” misunderstood in the garbled passed down story to mean, he needed a mate, a “help meet” as if he were somehow created incomplete, lacking. The crack in his psyche had already occurred. In his mind he created a new god, not woman, but ego to attempt to replace the true God connection that he had named and rejected. Naming everything even god he believed everything less than, especially himself, and no longer worthy of love or worship. I think this is where God sent the vision of a “dream girl” to guide the male in him back to Oneness with his other side. Since the first created mind split it two everyone began choosing one predominant role and believing the other inferior, less than. Yes, cocky males, the females believe themselves superior us too, no matter how hard we oppress them or try to lord over them.

It is high time mankind got our “split” together and a cross, a crescent moon and little star, or a bigger Star of David symbol will not do it. I have previously postulated that the ying yang or sixty-nine symbol is a better symbol of our true Oneness, equality, wholeness, holiness, and also sexiness.

But how do we get back to the garden before the great divide. Some, I think, misunderstand and for too long I did what Jesus said (If he really indeed said those exact words or some ghost writer later told the story to express his own point view – it happens all the time) that he was “the way, the truth, and the life” the way home to the garden. In another place it is expressed more clearly, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who realized he was God and yet humbled himself to serve others.” We cannot humble ourselves till we first remember who we truly are and love ourselves as – God, Man, Woman, the whole and holy creator and creation, all in One, the nameless One, the unlimited One the completely and utterly masculine but also the completely and utterly feminine, Divine One.”

A long time friend ask me to remove her name from all my free emailings. She said, I am mad. And whether she meant either of the two more popular meanings, “crazy” or “just upset and not going to take anymore” she was spot on, sizing me up in three words. To the conventional wisdom (often as not erroneous) any idea or thought different seems “crazy” and if anything makes me angry it is us as people not choosing to think for ourselves but believing old and tired misunderstandings just because that is what we have been told all our lives. A new thought even if it is incorrect or slightly off might lead us to a new and better one and make clearer the path ahead and home. Happy trails.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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