When I’m Calling You

Blog 944 – 03.26.2018

When I’m Calling You…

Today’s title comes from the beautiful song, “Indian Love Call” sung many, many years ago by Malcom Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald in a movie about a Canadian Royal Mounty and his true love. I would like to share a sweet little story:

A couple of days ago a I was leaving Walmart near where I am at least for one more week staying in Richland Center, Wisconsin, a lady was pushing a cart through the entrance area with a small girl in the basket seat. The pretty little girl was squealing a little tune, “Eee-Eee, Eee-Eee-Eee” and smiling as it echoed in the space. I looked at her and repeated her call. She gleamed and echoed back, her mommy smiling. Another lady also leaving the store in front of me, without turning around also echoed the call. The three of us children, the little girl, the grown-up lady and the senior (me) repeated those echoing calls to one another, smiling I am sure, till we were each out of ear shot.

The second phrase after “When I’m calling you” in Jeannette and Malcom’s song is, “Will you answer too?” When the little girl’s bright and bubbling heart called out, two voices did answer back and it was one of those unscripted, unexpected, but wonderful moments that we three will always treasure, the silent smiling mommy too and anyone else who heard it, perhaps now even you who just read my account of it.

Sometimes I think God, The Universe, wrote that song for everyone of us, “When I’m calling you, will you answer too?” And that all hearts awake to their true identity, their true source, and their ultimate destination, call back in response in echoing sounds like that sweet little child’s all meaning the same, “Yes, my Love, Yes.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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