Yesterday Is Never Enough

Blog 941 – 03.23.2018

Yesterday Is Never Enough

I recently replied to a friend’s sassy comment, “Top that my dearest Mr. White.” – You know I try to do just that everyday in every way with every word, blog, song, and poem. For all speakers, writers, and singers and all of us creative types, yesterday’s accomplishments are never enough.

I have heard and thought more than once that I am getting better and better in every way, every day, in all things but I think an even greater truth is that in exercising our “gifts” that I, we, are only pealing away the debris and revealing the true work of art that has been within us all along.

I heard of a carver/sculptor once who when asked how he produced such a lovely pieces said that it was in the wood or stone all along and that he had only removed the material that was blocking the view. It is a bit presumptuous of us to call ourselves, the created, creators. Much like it was for the Europeans who claimed that they had discovered a continent already occupied and peopled. But then, in another sense both are also true for we are co-creator and co-discoverers of this wide wonderful world, without and within.

Yesterday’s mountain summits, ocean depths, deep woods, and bubbling streams are never enough but as we seek to return to our infinite source we sing with the poet, “Out there beyond the horizon, there’s more, there’s more.” It is all ours to employ and to enjoy as the are the depths within us – dangerous but oh so beautiful.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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