No Braver, No Smarter, No Better Than You Think You Are

Blog 940 – 03.22.2018

No Braver, No Smarter, No Better Than You Think You Are

I do love to change words around to see something a bit differently. I saw another great quote like the one above but this one said:

“You are braver than you act, smarter than you seem, and better than you think.”

I changed that around a bit to make it say, “You are no braver than you act, no smarter than you dream, and no better than you think.” Or as a Bible writer put it, “As a man (woman too) thinks in his (her) heart so is he (she.) We so often underestimate the power of our own thoughts to set us free or to make us captives. Our thoughts are our only limits. If you think you can you can, the opposite also being true. So many times we think it is impossible to change the world but not so for we only have to change our minds a little to see our world change to fit our new thinking.

We have all heard the old expression, “The sky is the limit” but all of us now living grew up in an era where that was already ancient history, if anyone even believed it back then. Wise people have always looked to the stars and imagine that one day we would travel beyond them, not yet, you say, but soon for thoughts become things and there are no limits but what we put on ourselves.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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