A Tribute To Traveling

Blog 935 – 03.17.2018

A Tribute To Traveling

I read recently that if we imagine life as a book those who do not travel are like someone who reads but one page of the book. Barely a year after leaving home, just after my eighteen birthday, I found myself on the other side of the globe from my birth place of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in Saigon (Now Ho Chi Min City) Vietnam. Was it scary leaving home and family? Heavens, yes, but also the thrilling adventure of a lifetime. I got to see things, places, and meet people that I never would have otherwise. My life is fuller, finer for it. Since those first “flights of fancy,” my first, a thirty minute flight from Augusta, home of Fort Gordon, Georgia, the second a connecting flight from Atlanta to my home city of Chattanooga, the third Chattanooga back to a connecting flight in Atlanta, then all the way to San Francisco, near Oakland Army Depot where I processed and was put on a twenty-one hour Pan Am flight to Vietnam with brief fuel stops in Honolulu, Hawaii, Wake Island, and Okinawa.

At barely nineteen years of age I was a world traveler, a status that I have kept for the rest of this life, to date visiting all fifty U.S. states, five Canadian provinces, Mexico, and nine other countries outside the U.S. I Almost said out of erroneous habit “foreign countries” but they are not for I have family in all of them and so I am “at home” where ever I go on this big beautiful ball.

A few days ago, I posted my Mockingbird version of Michael Buble’s hit song from a few years back, “Home” to which I provide a link for you here.


Home is indeed where the heart is and mine is in my chest but big enough I have found to take in the whole world. Rick Nelson sang, “I’m a traveling Man, I’ve made a lot of stops all over the world, but in every port I own the heart of at least one lovely girl.” I do not own any girls’ hearts and cannot afford to rent them, but as Don Ho sang also many years ago now, “Once in a while along the way love’s been good to me. There was a girl in …” Life has indeed been good to me and more than once in a while, along the many traveled miles I have loved and felt loved. I love my traveling life and I feel right at home, I love myself and I love you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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