“I’m Possible” And “I’ll Of View”

Blog 936 – 03.18.2028

“I’m Possible” And “Aisle Of View”

I love language and there are so many different ways to use words to convey a thought or a message. The two phrases that I used as a title today are just what I am talking about. Instead of “Impossible” with just a slight twist it becomes “I’m Possible” and “Aisle of View” from just a slightly skewed view becomes “I’ll love you.”

I have already written in a previous blog how very much that I enjoyed Disney’s last week release of the Madeline L’Engle inspired movie by the same name as her famous book, “A Wrinkle In Time.” Some people who have strong feelings of protest against Disney cheat only themselves by not watching their movies, some of which are excellent beyond question to serious and discerning movie goers like myself. I plan to see it for the second time today.

Yesterday, at the post office, in the little town of Lone Rock, Wisconsin I was paying six months more rent on my P.O. Box, mailing a couple of letters and a package. When the lady in front of me saw my box and said, “Now where do we get those?” I replied, “Why, at Walmart, of course, and all day, at the best price.” She seemed surprised but then said disappointedly, “But, I don’t do Walmart.” My discerning and for sometime now dearly departed daughter, Emily, did not care much for some things about Disney and Walmart, but she saw beyond their faults and enjoyed their many and more other good products and services.

That reminds me of a favorite line in the movie that I already mentioned in that previous blog about “Wrinkle In Time” but will here again, “I give you the gift of your faults.” I was thinking about that yesterday and another line came to mind that I have heard many times. Some one will say, “I love you in spite of your faults” echoing what they believe is godly, “agape”, unconditional love. For sometime I have found myself reexamining many things, twisting, skewing them to see them differently, from other angles. I heard my higher self say instead of, “I love you in spite of your faults.” – “I love you and I see no faults.” Now when we can love like that we begin to feel what divine love really is. That is the way we should love ourselves, others, and everything. When you remove judgement, opposition, and condemnation from your thinking you begin to see so much better all there is to love and enjoy and to just ignore the rest.

I close with a favorite Bible verse from one who no longer worships the Bible but sees and honors a well-turned phrase wherever he finds it, “Let love have it’s perfect way in you.” There is a lot of talk in religious circles about God’s will which in most cases is really just code used by the person pontificating for their own particular point of view or will. Jesus taught his boys a prayer many call “The Lord’s Prayer.” Roman Catholics call it, “Our Father.” One fellow called it, “The Disciples Prayer.” One young man I knew and was a teen with said that he had a real problem with the, “Our father who art in heaven” or (Perfect Father) part because his dad had left shortly after he was born and so he had been raised by only a single mom with the help of his grand parents. Perfect Father was something hard for him to relate to. Later in the prayer Jesus says, “…may Thy will be done on (or in) earth as in heaven.” In several other places it is revealed that God’s primary characteristic is not Judgement but Love. And it is His/Her will always therefore then that we love and are loved.

As the attorneys say, “I rest my case.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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