The Secret To Getting Want You Want And Love

Blog 934 – 03.16.2018

The Secret To Getting What You Want And Love

It is so very simple that it escapes most of us for most of our lives. Got your mental note pad ready? Here it is, the greatest lesson I have learned in true happiness in my journey of over sixty- seven year:

The secret to getting what you want and love is simply wanting and loving what you get.

I elaborate, many religions express in different ways the same point, that the key to health, wealth, and happiness is the belief in a benevolent God, Universe, Higher Self that always has our highest and best in mind, guiding us to all the good things in store for us. But there is always a lying snake in the grass trying to get us to mistrust that divine self that has planned a beautiful life for us.

If you are not particularly religious or into the whole big overpowering God idea, imagine this, you are an eternal being and to keep from getting bored with eternity you arrange a continuing series of adventures, wiping the memory of who you are and your past lives to make each new adventure more fun and finding out who you truly are each time a big part of the adventure. Wouldn’t you not only place clues along the way but gifts to encourage yourself to explore and find all the fun things that life is meant to be? All that guilt crap, condemnation, and judgement were the snake in the grass, ego, your darker doubtful side’s idea and never a part of the highest and best that you always intended for your journey in time and space.

I say this with all their certainty of a true time traveler that the best and only reason to look back is to remind yourself that you were there all the time wishing yourself a full and happy life and hasn’t it been? Don’t things always seem to work out for the best no matter how scary and mixed up they may seem sometimes in the moment? Have a little faith even if you cannot get your mind around a Big God, even supposing it is all you, wouldn’t you have designed a play with the best supporting cast, best scenery, best script, and best story? Someone has said and I believe it is true that it really does not matter if you believe in God for She/He believes in you and wouldn’t it surprise a lot of really religious folks to find out that you wrote into the play all that that stuff about God so the paparazzi would leave you alone so you could play this particular part that you wrote for yourself this time without all those flashes in your face, the distraction, and all those fan stalkers trying to get a piece of you. I’m just saying, this is your life, face it, embrace it. To have the life you want and love simply want and love the life you have.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and playwright,

David White

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