Born Neither A Woman Nor A Dog

Blog 933 – 03.15.2018

Born Neither A Woman Nor A Dog

I find it now, in what some refer to as the “senior years” of my life ( I assure you that I am and will always be an awe inspired child) amazing that Jewish men, long some of the seemingly more enlighten men in the world used to actually say aloud, “I thank God that I was born neither a woman nor a dog.” I have come to believe in my own heart of hearts that most if not all women and dogs are equal and yes in many ways superior to most if not all men. And yes I did not always think that. I grew up in a culture that taught that “free white male and twenty-one” was the pinnacle of evolutionary progress or as Bible believing folks prefer the height of God’s creation.

I have heard wiser women remark more than once that when God made man He said, “I can do better than that” and then He made woman. One of the biggest reasons that I no longer believe the Bible to be “the literal Word of God, the One True Guide for faith and practice, the source of all Truth and Doctrine, is this mistake that God is He, and that the male by virtue of that which hangs between his legs deserves dominion and to be the head. I have also heard many wiser women say that we men do too much of our thinking with our little heads instead of our big ones and to that I must say, “Amen.” We, do, admit it guys and we are most often in need from birth of a wise and loving women to bring out our better natures over and above our bent behaviors that tend to be nastier and more degrading that dogs which are appropriately name “man’s best friend” but who in many ways behave better than we guys do, being more loving, faithful, and more loyal than most if not all of us.

Again, I am utterly amazing how we can start out loving, adoring, and hanging on every wise word of that first special women in our lives, our mother, but somewhere along the line pressured by the wrong headed patriarchal societies in which we are “educated” come to believe than men deserve prominence, preference, praise, position, pay, the best seat in the house, at the table, and all the gravy. That is just wrong, mistaken, evil, no matter how you slice it. That women have not revolted and burned us all in our beds is the true feminine mystic or mystery but then they are indeed bigger people and better than us men.

You are going to have to make that case, Dave. Oh, I definitely can. Girl babies are stronger, male babies weaker. There is nothing, no thing, that a woman cannot do better, smarter, faster, with more attention to the correct details than a man. If there is job, sport, or activity at which women seem less apt than men it is only because men would not let them partake or participate. Golf stands for “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden” and any idiot male who still believes that women should be kept barefoot and pregnant, or that they are not worthy of equal pay and position for equal work, or that they do not have a right to say no to any man or baby, and that they could not be a better President that the best male President we ever had and that was not our present one to the delight of George W., the second worst, trailed closely by someone most grateful W. was elected, Jimmy Carter. Linda Carter or any other Wonder Woman, yes even Hillary on her worst hair day could have out performed them all and left us all better off hands down.

Your point, Dave? Just this, if there is any truth to an evolutionary process of previous continuing lives, my prayer, my highest best intention, if I get another go round after this one is to come back as a nobler, wiser, more beautiful, and loving creature – a woman. And no I am not gay, nor a woman living in a man’s body, though I happen to think there not a damned or blessed thing wrong with either of those. But I am a gifted man who has learned to see out of both of my eyes and yes even perhaps a bit out of my third eye, and to think out of both sides of my brain. I truly love women and would like to spend the rest of my days in this life honoring the woman who had me, who loved me, whom I loved first, by promoting the idea and practice of women having equal status with men in every area of life. If there is a God, and I think there probably is, She/He would have it no other way. May you all take your rightful places girls, beside or more deservedly leading men.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Lover of women, the best men,

David White

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