Catching Tear Drops In My Hand

Blog 932 – 03.14.2018

Catching Tear Drops In My Hand

That title comes from a beautiful Norah Jones song “Don’t Know Why” that I share here my Mockingbird version of with you:

On my right hand I sometimes wear a beautiful gold diamond ring, given to me by a dear friend. It has four small diamonds in it. I was musing sometime back what those four beautiful enduring stones might stand for and four beautiful double named diamonds immediately came to mind:

Barbara Ann

Linda Gail

Sandra Darleen

Linda Lee

Those are the names of the four lovely ladies that I in this life have married. And I know some of you might be thinking, “Shame On You.” And maybe I did once, twice, three, maybe even four times, but no more. Fact is, I am a little proud of myself for being able to talk four such beautiful ladies into marrying me and living with me if even in a couple of cases for ever so briefly. I am not at all ashamed for ever loving anyone or for still loving anyone and everyone that I ever truly did.

Those four little diamonds remind me not only of those four wonderful ladies but of many more people that I love, have loved and that love and have loved me. A few years ago an excellent movie came out called I Am Four. It is a sci-fi teenaged love story, one of the better, more entertaining ones, I think. The young lead in the story finds out that he is the last of but a few of his extra planetary race and that he has special powers and with them a special responsibility, don’t we all. In his case there are, of course, other extra planetary bad guys out to stop him from realizing his full potential and fulfilling his destiny. In our case the bad guy and the good guy are usually just us and inside us struggling to reveal the very best and highest self that we can be.

Did you ever think of it that way, that even our darker side wants to bring out the best in us. There is no light without darkness, no day without night, no wrong without right. It is all good, and all for our good, revealing that we are not flat cardboard cut-out paper dolls but multi-faceted and multi-dimensional diamonds. I just saw the recent Disney movie release of Madeline L’Engle’s classic A Wrinkle In Time. I loved the book and the movie version. In the movie one of the Lady Powerful Guiding Forces (And thank heaven we all of us have known some) gives the young heroic heroine, “the gift of her faults” which ends up being the most important gift to aid her in saving her brother, Charles Wallace (his name reminds me of my own beloved son’s two middle names James Wallace – Jonathan David James Wallace White.) To that special four wonderful ladies in my life and so many more, thank you for letting me love you, for loving me, and for helping to bring out the very best in me and also for helping me accept as you all did, in your own unique and loving ways, the gift of all my faults.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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