Thank You For The Gift, The Present

Blog 930 – 03.12.2018

Thank You For The Gift, The Present

“Thank you for the gift” is a beautiful line from the song by the name, “The Gift.” I attach a link to my Mockingbird version of the song here:

I think we would be more grateful if we really believed that every day, everything that comes to us is a gift. I have not always thought or believe that but I do now. Even the seeming bad days or the seeming worst things that come our way are gifts sometimes in disguise. Morgan Freeman’s character in the wonderful movie, Unfinished Life, with Robert Redford and Jennifer Lopez, tells his life long friend, “I just cannot go on watching you grieve for a life that you think you were supposed to have.” Redford’s character had lost his son in at an automobile accident with his also young wife at the time, played by JLo. She had been driving, fell asleep, and rolled the car. They were both too tired to drive back home from a rodeo and they had flipped a coin to see who would drive and she had lost the toss. And also lost her husband but not her life nor not his baby that was inside her at his funeral and that grandpa had not known about till she and her ten year old daughter with his son’s full name has shown up at his ranch needing a place to stay. What a gift – a granddaughter, a daughter. All he could still see was the loss of his son. But, he came to see differently, those two wonderful girls finally won over his heart, We can learn to see differently too.

Look for the gift. It is always there. Gifts from a loving Universe that always, no exceptions, has your very best in mind, and gives not only good gifts but great gifts, exactly what we need, and at exactly the right time. Don’t believe me, stop and look back over your life, and take a little inventory. I am confident even the most ardent complainers and ungrateful cusses will be forced by the evidence to admit they have had a wonderful life, full of wonderful gifts.

I say again look for the gift in every day and in every thing that comes your way. It is always there and we have so very much to always be grateful for. Give Thanks.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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