Luck And Coincidence

Blog 929 – 03.11.2018

Luck And Coincidence

I do not much believe in luck or coincidence, never have, but I try to remain open to new information and insights, ready to discard anything that I have been sure of, if it no longer serves me. Someone defined science facts like that, always something science revisits and questions when new information presents itself. When did you last revisit some long held belief or assumption to determine if it still serves you.

The religious conservative friends that I grew up with, most of them, still operate from “facts”, “beliefs” that I and many others no longer consider valid. At the risk of offending their faith and sensibilities I won’t list the many that I could. Let me just say that I believe politicians, preachers, and pitch persons who themselves no longer hold those archaic and outmoded beliefs often still pretend to in order to manipulate those who do.

As one example, I put forth the ever so popular but so incorrect, “us against them gambit.” It can be seen in most every polarized problem today and throughout human history on the planet: Racial inequality, sexual inequality, immigration, masterbation (I just threw that last one in to see if you were paying attention.)

Dave, you said you were not going to pick on our beliefs and strongly held opinions, well just one really, “the we’re better than them” one. Whether the thinking is that my color, my culture, my club is better than yours – my sexual equipment or my inclinations, those we actually had very little to do with mostly receiving ours at birth, and as well where we were born. These are not any way the real definers of anyone nor is it really the best thing to believe, that these seeming variables make us better than or less than others, or they than us, in this or any other regard. The Three P’s mentioned above believe in little if any of those things really themselves but do believe that “divide and conquer” is still a good ploy in obtaining power over our pocketbooks, getting our votes, and our support for their policies and programs.

I said in the title and in the beginning of this piece that I do not much believe in luck and coincidence but just to show you that I truly am open to change I will so long as it serves me from this day forward believe in “good luck” and “happy coincidence.” I still cannot quite get my heart and mind around the concepts of “bad luck” and “bad incidence or consequence.” But that is just me. To me, it is all good. Think and believe what you will as long as it is serving you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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