Living Mindful, My February Food Experiment

Blog 927 – 03.09.2018

Living Mindful – My February Food Experiment

I am well aware that I have a different point of view than many, perhaps all of you. I do not apologize for that. In my humble opinion we were never meant to be carbon copies of one another or to march in lock step into many of the pitfalls of life. Do I think I have a corner on Truth or always get it right? No, I do not. But to borrow a New Testament phrase (Oh, no, a non-believer quoting scripture. This could be bad.) “This one thing I do, forgetting the past I press on…” or as the Second Intention of the Ten Intentions that I do believe and try to follow states:

“I follow my inner compass and discard any beliefs that are no longer serving me. I go to the source. I seek truth.” Truth is seldom if ever found on a bumper sticker or on a trucker hat. “Make America Great Again” Really? Which America? North, South, Central, Red, Brown, Yellow, Black or just White? And then surely they are talking rich white males only for when was America great for women of any color or anyone else really even the rich white guys? I mean nobody kidnaps poor peoples kids to hold them for ransom and nobody who has little to nothing is worried about someone stealing their stuff.

But all that is just an aside what I really wanted to focus on was a little experiment in mindful eating that I made during the month of February. I have tried several times to eat Vegetarian of Vegan (The difference being if I got it correctly that Vegetarians, some of them anyway, eat eggs and dairy products and Vegans do not eat meat or the products from animals.) Wow, those Vegans are some really serious eaters and animal lovers, defenders, protectors.

I started out the month or twenty one day trial to eat and behave like a Vegan. As I said I have tried this before. I remember telling someone whose opinion matters a great deal to me that what I liked least about it was the way it made me feel superior to others – always a misunderstanding whatever your religion, dietary preference, political party, sexual preference, or sports team. Judging ourselves “better than” only serves to prove that we are not, never could be, nor were ever meant to be. Love is an equal opportunity employer and if you take love out of any of life’s equations what you have left is not worth talking about let alone starting a war over.

I believe I understand the thought behind Veganism and yes to a large degree Vegetarianism. I will try to express it in a little joke that I am quite sure the two V’s and perhaps many third V’s will not think very funny. Here goes, “The animals are our friends and what do we do to our friends? (The Answer:) We eat them.” Not only do we eat them, we eat their young before they are born (eggs and veal) and raise them by the millions to harvest the eggs and milk and then their flesh to eat our selves and the rest to make clothes, pet food, gelatin for Jello, and countless other products to sell. We are talking way more than a few belts or fur coats here. I am reminded of the Nazi’s making lampshades from the tattooed skin of Holocaust victims. Or the French teaching The First People to take the scalps of the settlers and military opponents that they killed. I remember as a boy, already very fond of women’s soft and shapely forms, hearing in horror that U.S. Calvary soldiers butchered Native American women and made tobacco pouches of their breasts. Had I been around back then, I would have started myself a Save The Ta Ta’s campaign to end such a travesty as I happen to believe breast cancer is. If there was not so much money being made treating breast cancer we would have found a cure years ago. Where have all the billions of dollars raised for breast cancer research gone but into the pockets of those“treating” not curing breast cancer? (My opinion, you don’t have to like it or agree, but that is how it looks to me.)

We created an atomic bomb capable of destroying two populous cities and we did it with far less money in just a few years. The focus has never been on a cure for breast cancer but on “treatment” which still after all these years is mainly surgical removal, expensive poisons, and burning. I have said it before, someday, Heaven speed the day, we will look back on these primitive measures as we look back on the medical practice of “bleeding” today. Some believe our First President George Washington might have lived several years longer had he not been “bleed” to treat his pneumonia. There was a woman who touched Jesus in a crowd (according to the story) trying to be healed from an issue of blood she had had for years and suffered much from the treatments of many doctors. My, how times and medical treatments have not changed all that much.

Is my skewed view showing again? Sometimes I have a bit of trouble getting carried away with my rants and staying on topic. I bought some fabric (mostly polyester) wallets and a non-leather belt trying to support my Vegan brothers and sisters in their effort to stop making merchandise and meals out of our animal friends. Unless you live near a Whole Foods, non-meat and non-egg, and non-dairy meals end up being mostly beans and greens. I made it only a couple of weeks before adding eggs and dairy back to my diet. I think I missed extra crispy bacon the most. I could never be a good Jew or Muslim. I was never a very good Christian either. Ism, -Ian’s, and -ist’s can be difficult for mindful people. Like about the polyester wallet and non-leather belt, plastics come mostly from decaying animal and vegetable remains under ground, under pressure in the form of coal and petroleum. And then isn’t everything that is in the material world comprised of the same atoms. So anyway my experiment ended and I had a breakfast of two eggs over easy, hash browns, extra crispy bacon, buttered wheat toast, and a glass of milk to mark the conclusion.

I did learn one thing. Trying to be a Vegan or Vegetarian no longer made me feel “better than” anyone. Still if anyone chooses those paths I say fine and good, to each their own. Having and listening to your own mind is like that, it always showcases our differences. Some have a problem with differences. Not me for some time. The same, same is just too boring. Changes, differences are refreshing and encourage me to believe like the Indigo Girls’ song that , “We Are Better Off For All That We Let In.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Crazy Dave otherwise known as

David White

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