I Am, We Are All Branches Of The One Tree Of Life

Blog 926 – 03.08.2018

I Am, We Are All Branches Of The One Tree Of Life

My Australian friend and fellow blogger PVCann had another great blog that he posted yesterday called Branches Of Life in which he called trees, “The lungs of all life…bio-lungs.” Like the Bible says of iron sharpening an axe, “Like sharpens like.” We feed off of and inspire one another but then in a greater sense we are all One organism and are fired and inspired just being part of this wonderful tree of life.

It is not so difficult to love everyone and everything when you realize it is all you or more correctly that you are all it. We have a unique place in the plan of the Universe and there perfectly fit. It is as if the Divine ever expanding said let us branch out in this new direction and we have the perfect person, spirit for it – you, me, or another sister or brother.

We are as my title for today says – each and all, branches in the one tree of life.

And like branch banks it is so easy to get your money and in our case love and honey from the nearest branch. Love is the breath of life and as trees convert CO2 into O2, we divine branches convert adversity, mistrust, anger into love, the most necessary spiritual element like oxygen is to the life of the body.

Thank you Paul for you insights on the importance of trees and their branches, leaves, and for providing me yet another angle to write about our Oneness and the importance of Who and Whose we really are – the answer to both in one word – LOVE.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

5 thoughts on “I Am, We Are All Branches Of The One Tree Of Life

      1. As am I, Mate, in the highest best Australian sense of that word. Your words that I am sure you will find again have enabled me to see your wonderful world through your eyes – what a prize. Thank you – eternally.

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