Many Entertain Angels Unaware

Blog 925 – 03.07.2018

Many Entertain Angels Unaware

Many throughout history have believed in angels and many still do. There are many wonderful songs and stories about angels intervening on behalf of us humans. I have known and met many angels in my life none with literal wings or halos, at least, not yet, but the Bible defines angels as ministering spirits and since I believe that we humans too are loving spirits we are angels too when we serve ourselves and others. An yes, I said serve ourselves first for I happen to believe that if we do not love and care for ourselves first that we are not fit or very capable to do so for others.

I have flown (no angel wings involved) many time and remember every time I did the flight attendant or attendants gave a safety lesson before the plane took off and told us how to fasten our seat belts, the location of the exits, etc. And it always contained “In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling above you, pull on the mask to extend the hose all the way and put the elastic strap over your head. If you are traveling with small children put your mask on first then help them with theirs.” Me first? That sounds selfish, yes, but in a good way. You need and deserve to breathe and to live too but also you cannot help your child or anyone else if you do not take care of you first. A wise angel should always know that.

Yesterday, I sent out my mockingbird version of the song, “I’m Your Angel” to friends on my Daily Mockingbird Song email. I put a link to it here for you.

We can all be angels to one another and that way entertain and be entertained by our best angels who really care and are very aware.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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