A Ship In Harbor Is Safe, But That Is Not Why Ships Are Built

Blog 924 – 03.06.2018

A Ship In Harbor Is Safe, But That’s Not Why Ships Are Built.

There is another great line that says, “He (or She) who fears is not made perfect in love. Perfect love casts out fear.” It is a terrible and lazy mistake that we make as teachers and parents, teaching children to be afraid, thinking it will keep them safe. It only makes them afraid to try their wings in a world of wonders. Oh, and there may be a pit fall or two, a rat with scary sharp teeth or some other wild thing out there to manage but life is not tame nor we unless we choose to let fear keep our world small and confined.

So launch that ship out of that safe harbor and explore the wide world. What you find out there beyond the scary breakers is not some sea monster or the edge you will sail off but a new and wider world awaiting. Even Colombo who ran into an unexpected continent on his way to India (And typical male not wanting to admit his mistake misnamed millions of people, some still wrongly call Indians to this day) opened up a whole New World to the Old World folks of his day and many of us their descendants. May we learn even so late to take care of it better as those living here did when new immigrants arrived to use and abuse it and them so.

And, yes, I know, that is not the version of western history that most westerners prefer but it is still true that Western Europeans discovered a land already peopled and pushed them aside so they could claim it all for themselves and no matter how prettily you try to paint that it just was not very nice and some might question whether concrete and pavement and even tall buildings constitute progress from a pristine natural environment thriving with animal and vegetable life in scenic majestic beauty that the New World was for a thousand before white European settlers got here.

And in barely half of that look what we have done to it.

But they had ships and they did risk and launched out into the deep to see what they might find. The adventurer’s spirit lives in all of us if we would but set it free. If in our star travels we find peopled planets I only hope we have learned a few lessons and will be kinder to those people and those worlds than we have thus far at least been to our own.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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