Get Hooked On You

Blog 921 – 03.03.2019

Get Hooked On You

When I remember Mac Davis’ sang, “Baby, Baby don’t get hooked on me” I do not think Jesus came to offer a new religion or addiction but preached freedom from bondage of belief and practice. Only a con-man or “businessman” in the worst and lowest sense would offer you a new drug to take the place of an old one like Bayer’s early twentieth century invention Heroin to ease the addiction to cocaine.

Why is it we think the answer is always a new and better pill? It is because we have been bred and brain washed to believe in capitalism and must buy, buy, buy what is offered for sale. The true salesman’s motto is, “First create a need and then offer a product or service to meet that need.” Yes, even if you have to invent a disease, problem, or lack maybe even the product or service can become an addiction – that will increase sales and keep the profits coming in. Many worry about the effect of video games, smart phones, opioids, alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and other drugs on our culture, on our world, and especially our children. Addiction is and has from that mythical first bite of forbidden fruit been a problem. But the answer at least, I believe, the longest lasting, most successful, and best one, is not a new religion, philosophy, product, or service but indeed the best and truest addiction – becoming hooked on you.

We could easily quit all the self damning, diminishing things we do, believe, and say if we truly loved ourselves. A friend recently called me “mad” and I cannot argue with that either way she meant it “mad as a hatter” or “angry as hell and I am just not going to take this anymore.” A more enlightened and understanding friend of ours passed last August at ninety years of age, Louise Hay. She taught, wrote, and lectured for years that our biggest problem is not loving ourselves enough. And I know it seems counter intuitive. I read a quote just yesterday that a certain politician relatively new to the game would destroy the world to save his own skin. This from his one time backer and confidante. Brings to mind the old saying, “With friends like that who needs enemies.”

I believe, and Louise Hay, did that we are our own worse enemy. And when and no matter how badly we act out it is not because we love ourselves too much but because we love ourselves not enough. All our nastiest most hurtful addictions, and if we would admit it we all deal or have dealt with something (yes, even many church folks with, hypocrisy, judging, and condemning others to make themselves feel “special”, “better”, “chosen” when really only those who don’t feel it need to) that is often a part of our lives to fill some deep lack of love – self love.

I’d like to introduce you to the finest soul you will ever meet, worthy of your deepest love, affection, and devotion. If you really let yourself get to know this person you would be hooked on her/him forever. You, I’d like you to meet, your dream come true, You.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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