Pink Cadillac

Blog 922 – 03.04.2018

Pink Cadillac

Sometimes the idea for a blog comes often in a picture. I was raised a southern very heterosexual boy and so I never owned a pink Cadillac but I am at sixty seven so in touch with my feminine side that I could see myself driving one. For many years before my present vehicle a 2015 White Dodge Ram 1500, which is to me a sweet ride no matter what you Ford, Chevy, and GMC or other pick-up drivers might think, I drove a 2005 black two-door strait-six Jeep Wrangler. I drove it on my longest road trip to date from Detroit, Michigan to Kenai, Alaska – seven days of ten hour driving but what an adventure.

Once while briefly on a work assignment in Birmingham, Alabama, I drove one evening after work to Atlanta, Georgia to visit one of my middle-school classmate friends. He is gay, creative, and one of the dearest souls that I have ever known or met. We talked almost non- stop for four hours and when it was time for me to leave he walked with me out to my Jeep. When he saw my black beauty he remarked, “David, you know, only gays drive Jeep Wranglers.” Without missing a beat, I replied, “Then I must be gay.” Why did we ever let that word become a divisive name that some mistaken people think as “less than”, “messes up,” “queer” or “odd”. Gays are not messed up or less than and we are all queer or odd in some respect or manner and there is nothing at all wrong with that either. It is the “judgers” and “condemners” that have the most problems with gays or anyone whose choices, behaviors, life styles, hues, or beliefs do not match their own.

Elvis Presley had several pink Cadillacs in his life time. I remember reading of one early on in his singing career that had the paint job completely ruined by young women leaving lipstick prints on it. To quote the comedian who played King John, Richard Lewis, in Robin Hood, Men In Tights, “It is good to be the king.” Yeah, not so bad driving a pink Cadillac after all guys. Open your mind just a little bit and it will surprise you how much living color and glorious diversity there is in this wonderful world. When the actor Toby McGuire was first starting out he played a young conservative boy who by means of a special TV Remote control was transported to a mythical time in American that many conservatives believe was America’s (at least the USA part of it’s) golden age – the nineteen fifties.

It was a black and white world devoid of color, passions, bathrooms, and where even married people slept in separate beds. It was not a real world but invented to sell products and to satisfy the needs of certain people to believe that this sort of vanilla world ever really existed. I and many of you lived through nineteen fifties America and sure many white middle-class Americans had it pretty good financially but even they had problems with drink, divorce, and lack luster factory, and corporate world work that made most feel a cog in a constantly grinding machine. But minorities, people of color, women, and the LBGTQ community had a much harder time than the white middle class and even harder than many of us in the white lower economic or social class. So much for Pleasantville, that was the name of the movie about that magical time to some but still mythical time in America.

Elvis drove that pink Cadillac in the nineteen fifties and had to pretended he was a “good boy” instead of a wild an untamed yet ground breaking rocker. He even accepted being drafted into the Army, though for his two years of service he was treated different than any other soldier and worked in the entertainment services branch performing for the troops. When the censors said his swiveling hips were too sexy to be shown on TV, Ed Sullivan had to introduce him telling the audience what a nice young man Elvis was to placated middle class white Americans that believed a greaser looking poor white trash boy with his jungle beat songs was going to corrupt America. And were they ever right, thank God. I can see Elvis in his pink Cadillac today probably touring round heaven singing songs that make even angels blush. Made you smile.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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