The Duty Of Poets, Writers, And Mocking Birds

Blog 920 – 03.02.2018

The Duty Of Poets, Writers, And Mocking Birds

The duty of P, W, and MB’s is to listen clearly to others and their own thoughts, words, and songs and to speak, write, sing them back in a way that makes themselves and other people say, “That is exactly what I meant.” If we get good enough at it to merit pay and support that is fine but our true reward is always the above quote.

We are, I think, to some degree or the other all P, W, and MB’s else we would not appreciate a poem, the written word in prose, or a song. My daddy was a “storyteller” and yes he lied, we all do, but boy could he tell some entertaining whoppers. No matter how important a story or warning you intend to tell, it helps people hear it, read it, if you tell it well. Whether you are a Forest Gump waiting on a bus in Savannah, Georgia or a wild-eyed grisly ole ancient mariner with an albatross tied around your heart and neck if you’ve got a story to speak, sing, or write do it with gusto and panache (style.)

I began this blog three years ago after attending a two-day writer’s seminar in Chicago hoping to build a platform a following, to someday convince a publisher to print a book of mine. Today, I have over nine hundred blogs, almost a hundred songs, and even more poems out on the internet in various places and though no publishing contract, I am published. But even more I know that for putting it out there daily I am a better, poet, writer, and singer and getting better every day in every way. That is my new mantra, “I am getting better everyday, in every way.” And why not, why shouldn’t I? We get better not by education, planning, or making lots of money but by executing (exercising not killing our gifts and talents.) A tool used daily gets sharper and may wear out but it will never rust or worry much about missed opportunities.

Start something today and do it till you get really good at it and find the true reward reward is just in doing it better and better or if you decide you want to do something else do that or do both. It will amaze you how mistakenly defined even you once thought of yourself. You truly can do all things (you really want to do) and you might not see this now but, you truly are all things, you really resemble your Perfect Parent in that regard too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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