If Death Occurs Stop Taking And See Your Mortician

Blog 919 – 03.01.2018

If Death Occurs Stop Taking And See Your Mortician

One of my favor and most practiced rants is against the drug companies and their pushers, medical doctors. And to me from my skewed view perspective there seems little difference between the “legal” and the “illegal” drug markets. In many cases the same pharmaceutical companies “Big Pharma” is supplying them both.

I noticed sometime ago that on commercial TV during primetime we are bombarded with drug advertisements at the rate of at least three per hour that usually say, “Tell your doctor you need ____________.” First of all, isn’t that backwards? Isn’t the doctor supposed to tell you what you need? Secondly, do you ever really listen to the disclaimers they rattle through so quickly, “May cause in some cases – heart attacks, liver damage, eight hour errections (really, that one gets our attention) and Sudden Death. That ought to get everyone’s attention. Why would anyone in their right mind take anything that might kill them? Then they most often preface the disclaimer with, “If these or any other symptoms persist, see your doctor.” Hence, my not so funny title, “If Death Occurs See Your Mortician.”

It has yet to be proven whether Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the last Presidential Election. Fox News says that all the allegations are trumped up, pardon the pun. MSNBC say, yeah they are all guilty as sin especially the High Roller In Charge. The rest of the media fun, free, or fake is awaiting the outcome of the investigation. However it shakes out the collusion between “Big Pharma” and our doctors to create a big demand for opioids and thereby a nation-wide opioid epidemic is not doubted by any reasonable minded person. But why would our doctors sell us out? The answer is contained in the question? Ever notice while you are waiting in the lobby of your doctor’s office for that appointment you are on time for and thought you had, at those suits with fat sample cases on wheels that do not have to wait to be granted time with the doctor? They are in many cases former doctors who quit doctoring to make even more money pushing drugs for the drug companies. “For every script you write you will receive __________ plus golf vacations/ medical seminars, all expenses paid for you and your family all around the globe. What a deal – just push our pill.” And they did and do, selling their ethics, you, and me to the highest bidder. But that’s business. I really think they ought to have to add this to every drug advertisement disclaimer, “If you seriously consider taking this stuff you ought to see a shrink. We don’t care about your health just more and more of your money.” What do you think?

The Pill That Heals*

Your heart is made stronger

Not by the pill that you eat

But by the love flowing from it

Not a bitter pill but sweet.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

All for hugs not drugs,

David White

*The opinions express in this blog are my own and held lightly so don’t get too excited if you disagree because I am just as likely to change my mind and in another blog write from the other view point. Just trying to find in every opinion “the encouraging word.”

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