“I Need To Be In Love”

Blog 915 – 02.25.2018

“I Need To Be In Love”

Like many of you I am a life long romantic and have spent a great deal of my life thinking about, looking forward to, longing to be, or looking back on moments that I was sure I was “in love.” But I have come in my later years to see the term “in love” in a different light. My first clue was of all things a Bible verse. Imagine that, insight from of all places, the Bible, who knew, and that after I had quit believing the Bible was and is “the complete and entire Word of God, in whole and in part.” Grant you it has some good stuff in places but the complete and entire Word Of God – nonsense why it even reads in the last verse of one of the Gospels that if all the things that Jesus did and said were written down that even the whole world could not contain the books.” To try to limit the God of the Universe to sixty six relatively short little books is silly at best and manipulatively sinister or just down right ignorant at worst. Why do you think you have to beat up on Bible believers and the Bible, Dave? Probably because I have seen it used by them and myself to beat up so many throughout out my life and to quote it again, “These things ought not to be, my beloved.”

But back to the romantic term “in love.” I think we most often think of the meaning of “in love” in the way it is typified in these lines from a beautiful Collin Raye love song called, “Little Rock.” Singing to his sweetheart he says. “I think I’m on a roll here in Little Rock. I’m solid as a stone, Baby wait and see. I’ve got just one small problem here in Little Rock, without you, Baby, I’m not me.” The song is about a young man battling his way back from alcohol addiction. AA’s twelve step program, one of the more successful, points out the difficulty of pursuing intimate relationships while working on your own recovery. Why is that? Because believing anyone or anything outside ourselves completes us, saves us, or makes us whole (With the one possible exception of our Higher Self or Higher Power) is just another addiction belief, that we have to have it to be complete, happy, comforted, whole. He does warn in the song, “Baby wait and see.”


Little Rock

As we continue discussing our need to be “in love.” I have said it before and I say it again we cannot be anywhere or anything else but “in love.” The Bible verse that I alluded to but failed to quote that made this clear to me was the one that speaks about the Divine and says, “I Him (In Her works even better for me) we live, and move and have our being.” And we know from the context of at least the New Testament and it is there, a little more cloaked in the Old Testament as well that God is Love. So we have always been and can never be anywhere else but “In Love.” Oh, and I know, romantics are looking for a partner to dance with, to kiss, to hold to be folded into like for lack of a better term “a cheap suit.” We sell ourselves short, we are willing to settle for so much less than our birthright. God is the Bridegroom and we are the Bride it was always meant to be that way. Anything else even Romeo and Juliet, Clare and Jaime, Catherine and Heathcliff, you name the lovers, they and we are all just children playing house by way of comparison. Still in Love Month, February, and all the other eleven isn’t it fun to play house, to play at “being in love.”

Being In Love

“Being In Love” if there is a greater thrill

The Lover In all of us find Him/Her we will

Rest assured no other can so tenderly care

As that One, with us, in us, always there.

A poem and a second Mockingbird song for you today.


I Know I Need To Be In Love

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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