“How To Win Friends And Influence People”

Blog 916 – 02.26.2018

“How To Win Friends And Influence People”

To all you Type A Personalities, you “My way or the highway” folk, if you every want to get along with the rest of us you might want to read or to attend the Dale Carnegie course/book, How To Win Friends And Influence People.

In my work as an inspector with utility construction crews it has been my privilege and challenge to work with many construction crew foremen most of whom it seems are of the Type A personality variety. I think companies promote and hire people like these because often the CEO’s of those companies themselves are Type A guys themselves and think the way you get things done is by bullying and berating people. It isn’t, trust me as one who has watched this process for many years. If the job is getting done it is in spite of these dictatorial leaders, supervisors, managers, CEO’s and not because of them. But the myth of the hard hand making it happen still persists.

No other thing is helping and continues to help the rise of women in the workplace more than this Neanderthal idea that men have of making, or forcing others to bend to their will. Horses may be “broken” that way but a far superior way even with horses is to bend and sway wills not break them. The best way to motivate and to truly lead others is by winning their wills. Dwight David Eisenhower, Commanding General Of the U.S. and Allied Forces In Europe during World War Two and two term President had an illustration with a piece of string that he often used to show how true leadership works. He would lay the piece of string flat on a desk or table in front of the individual or group that he was talking to and first try pushing the string. It would of course snake and bunch up going no where and he would say that is what too many people think leadership is – pushing and you see the result. Then he would take the other end of the string in his fingers and move it anywhere he wanted it to go, out front of it leading the way. That is leadership out front showing the way by example. A good leader never expects his troops to do anything or go any place that he or she is not willing to do and go. When you separate yourself from those you would lead for whatever your reason you can no longer inspire all you can do is push and prod. No true leader ever has the right to act that way, not even God. My way or the highway? I choose the highway.

Down with all tyrants, promote a woman she in most cases knows better how to get work done through others – the true definition of leadership and management. Amen, sisters, long may you reign.

How Supervisors Inspire

Of being beaten up, berated

All of us rather quickly tire

We’re all looking for coaches

That truly lead and inspire.

And when we truly find one

Not a con-man or a sham

We’d follow them anywhere

To the gates of hell by damn.

They need not be super heroes

Just have our interests in mind as well

A wise leader knows the way it goes

Words make a workplace heaven or hell.

Your friend and fellow traveler

“The Golden Rule Rules and Women Ought To as Well”

David White

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