I Welcome Change

Blog 914 – 02.24.2018

I Welcome The Change

Life is a learning process. Change keeps us from getting too comfortable. The Status Quo is really just desperately trying to hold on to the illusion that “somethings never change” or should not. Most everywhere I have been people think their weather is uniquely unpredictable and will knowingly say as if their city or town coined the expression, “If you don’t like the weather in ____________ just wait a minute.” The only thing we can accurately predict about the weather or much of anything else is that it or they will change.

A certain lady friend I know takes a lot of comfort in the Bible phrase, “This too shall pass.” When one is going through a particularly hard patch it is comforting to know that no situation or circumstance lasts forever. I am told that one of the big difficulties in treating the flu viruses is that they are continually changing but that is a good thing because most often they keep evolving, changing, till they change into something that does not bother us anymore.

Instead of dreading and being fearful of change we should welcome the new and different. Change is after all just the Universe saying, “Don’t be a stuck in the mud. What you might think is perfect just the way it is, is something someone else can’t wait for me to change.” For most of recorded history men have been in charge keeping women down and liked it that way but the times they are a changin’ as Bob Dylan wrote and still sings, not nearly fast enough it may seem to some of us, huh ladies? Your day is coming and even many of us guys will be happy to see it arrive. Wonder Woman indeed, you all are wonder women and wonderful women. How could boys who start out loving their mothers so much end up short changing all the women in their lives so terribly, but then as I wrote, I believe the times they are changing and I welcome the change.

I Welcome The Change

I welcome the change

And though I save all my coins

I look forward to the new,

All the possibilities it enjoins.

I welcome the change

It is sure to happen either way

The very best of circumstances

And the worst aren’t here to stay.

Take comfort in that

If for the moment little else

Rather than fight all the changes

Just change a little yourself.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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