The Many Faces Of Hogwarts

Blog 910 – 02.20.2018

The Many Faces Of Hogwarts

When my now very grown son was a boy the author J. K. Rowling did so much to introduce children but also their parents and other adults to the joys of reading when she introduced us all to the world of Harry Potter. Later as the movies came out and with each new volume in the continuing story they helped us put faces to those characters already real in our imaginations created from her words. Such is the power of a good writer or god to create a new world with words.

Probably everyone has a favorite face from the Hogwarts’ universe. I recall that on a wonderful seven week work assignment to Aberdeen, Scotland that I saw a double decker bus in Aberdeen with Ron Weasley’s face, actually the actor who portrayed him, Ruper Grint, doing one of the world famous milk mustache advertisements, “Got Milk.” It was like being greeted by and old friend or family member. I love all the faces in the Hogwarts’ universe. Yes, even “He Who should not be named” but I will forwards and scrambled – Tom Ridley or Voldemort. Oh, no, he is the bad guy you say. But, then I don’t believe in bad guys or bad girls for that matter. I heard someone say that “every act is one of two things, either an act of love or a cry for love.” But how quick we are to judge and condemn so called “bad” behavior and those doing it when the truth is we are all equally guilty of acting “bad” at times, with judging and condemning others being the most reprehensible of all acts but too often glossed over by terms like “righteous indignation.” It is never right nor does any of us have a right to judge and condemn someone else.

Triage is a term the military came up with for treating the wounded battlefield casualties who were decided to have the best chance of survival, to treat them first and not waste limited trained medical personnel and supplies on those with a slim to none chance. This is logic but it is not loving nor humane nor even very human really. War makes us act less than human and often the survivors of war have a hard time living with the acts they have committed and witnessed or even just the knowledge of having participated in such a hellish endeavor as war.

Every life matters and taking one is of such soul cracking consequence that no one who does is ever quite the same. John Donne wrote, “No man is an island entire unto himself…each man’s death diminishes me. The Harry Potter stories deal a lot with death even in the beginning with Harry’s mom and dad’s death at the hand of Voldemort. Terrible acts are committed daily and violence never stops them only perpetuates them. If we fight fire with fire all are burned. Does anyone want to be a Gold Star parent or make any other parent one. No, not in our highest, best, right minds. Even professor Dumbledore and Harry saw there was a person in Tom Ridley, inside all those scrambled letters and scrambled hateful hurtful acts. When we learn his complete story even though we do not condone his terrible deeds we can understand why he did them. We are all the same, often though we succumb to our various circumstances and we act out terrible dreams, nightmares, not acts of love but cries for love masked as vengeance against those we believe hurt us first or to prevent their having a chance to hurt us. It is a sick way to look at the world be that Hogwarts’ world or our world. But love is the magic that not only creates worlds but remakes them too if we allow it.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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