I Am A Davidist

Blog 909 – 02.19.2018

I Am A Davidist

I happen to believe there once lived a particular man named Jesus who had quite a following and taught some really cool revolutionary stuff. After he left the scene, I further believe, that his message was co-opted and use to build an organization, many in fact that have in most if not all cases little resemblance to his core teachings.

Jesus time and again pointed out the hypocrisy, lies, misrepresentations, of the religious people of his day who claimed to be Jews. He was by faith a Jew. He followed Jewish traditions he read the Law and the Prophets and attended Temple and synagogue. He even got so upset once at Temple over the abuses of the poor by the greedy “businessmen” that he over turned the money changers tables (where Roman coin was changed at a high cost to shekels so offerings would not displease the Jewish God as if he cared about such.) Then he made a whip of chords to pop and drive out the animals that were sold for sacrifice (he never hit anyone or any animal with that whip – that would have been against the rules he lived by.) He knew the poor people were being over charged for those animals and that the whole animal sacrifice thing was just a big business and a bigger misunderstanding of what any loving god would require – see Psalm 51 for clarification.

The two sects of Judaism in Jesus’ day, both of which Jesus continually pointed out had it all wrong, were the Pharisees (the right wing conservatives) and the Sadducees (the far left liberals.) I think Jesus was an independent, unaffiliated to either party. He was definitely not a Christian and would himself be appalled at all the wars and persecutions that have been perpetrated by those in the name of so-called Christianity.

I have said that I tried to be an Atheist for the middle twenty or so years of my life but Humanist is probably a better term. Atheist just means anti-god or not believing in the Judeo-Christian one at least where as Humanism speaks to a belief in the best in humans and our ability to be more creative, and to transcend our differences and problems. I guess I still am and will probably always will be one of those. Pantheism, the belief that god is everything, the whole Universe, is probably more my cup of tea than any another one religion. And, yes, I see some good stuff in all of them and a lot of crap especially in the three big “guilt religions” Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

I guess what I really am most of all is a Davidist, as I believe that I should, “Love the Lord, my God, with all my heart soul mind and strength and my neighbor as myself.” All three loves the same love really and all three Gods the same too really – Myself, God, and Others, the Universe, the whole enchilada. I love the whole Universe. I love that expression and I love you. Like Jesus, that is the rule I live by.

Almost forgot the poem, here is a short one.

I Am A Davidist

So many “ists”, “isms”, “ainities” in the world

And yes, Sean Hannity, you throw like a girl.

Oh, well, what good guy’s not on your “bad list”

But then I’m no Christian just a devout Davidist.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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