My Funny Valentine

Blog 904 – 02.14.2018

My Funny Valentine

Well, I knew sometime ago that I just had to do Frank Sinatra’s “Funny Valentine” for today. But since Elvis Costello’s Beautiful song “Alison” also has a line about “funny sticker Valentines” I will be also including it on my Daily Mockingbird Song email today and on this blog, a double dose of love to my Valentines.

For all of you less fortunate souls who never had a love poem written especially and specifically for you for Valentine’s Day you will never ever be able to day that again.

This One’s For You

Not just a catchy beer commercial

But a love song before even that.

To that love songster Barry Manilow

A tip of this love songwriter’s hat.

But this psalm is just for you

Especially and specifically writ

Every single soul deserves one

And this, My Sweet Lover, is it.

Wish that I could be there

Sing you this special tune

To you and all the world,

How you hung the moon.

For all the world, such a nice job,

Papa’s pleasure could not be hid

He loves you to the moon and back

And since that moment we all did.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, My Beloved.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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