Blog 905 – 02.15.2018


If you sometimes even surprise yourself that is only because you have not been paying close enough attention. As the saying goes, “To know you is to love you and I do.” Girls, women are no more mysterious than men. Men just have in most cases a shorter attention span and often lack focus. What we focus on we love. What we give attention to becomes most real in our lives and is what we know and love best.

Familiarity for most of us far from breeding contempt breeds appreciation, acceptance, and love. I marvel now when I listen to songs released on an album or CD (Old school) that though I did not particularly like them at the time that they too are favorites now. I think most of us are like that “Acquired treasures and pleasures.” Oh, to be sure there are those angels, like my mother Betty, who are loved at first sight because they are so full of love that it over flows upon you immediately upon meeting them. The rest of us take some getting used to, even for ourselves. But we are indeed equally full of love and deserving of it.

Well, half way through February – Love Poetry Month. “He’ll never make it” – oh ye of little faith. Fifteen today, over half the way there.

Fifteen Today

When I was but a lad

Thought fifteen a perfect age

By then I’d be a poet,

A hero, a star, and a sage.

Well, a poet I was by then

How much a hero I’m not sure

But in my heart I wanted to be

If my motives not always pure.

Who does not want to be admired

A rock star performing on the stage

What boy or girl has not dreamed

Such wondrous dreams at any age.

Fifteen came soon enough

And ever so quickly passed

But my heart’s still full of dreams

This and several lifetimes to last.

Yours, too, I hope.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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