White Boy Rapper

Blog 903 – 02.13.2018

White Boy Rapper

I just finished another blog. The poems go faster for me as I am more used to expressing myself in rhyme and they are shorter too like songs. I guess I have really always been just another white boy rapper. Maybe I need to open up my mind more to rap music. That might really surprise my Mockingbird Song fans to hear me one morning doing a rap song.

Rap Gets A Bad Rap

All forms of art have their detractors

Art critics never think themselves attackers

But they are as they guard the “Status quo”

And think any thing different somehow below.

I honor all and every artist musician

Risking rejection and hateful attacks

Brothers, sisters all creeds and colors

White Boy Rapper has got your backs.

We’re in this, together, also must stick

Sharing uniquely our individual shtick

Be slower to get in the other guy’s face,

Quicker a delicious new delicacy to taste.

Sing it loud, makes us proud

They may never come round to it.

Got a song, a rap, a rhyme?

For the love of your gift, just do it.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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