The Power Of Creation

Blog 892 – 02.02.2018

The Power Of Creation

I just read a great intention that I put in my own words: I intend that we see a world where all the people struggling now see themselves going from survival mode to spiritual mode because they have come to understand that we are all the co-creators of our own reality and that by our, thoughts, words, and deeds that we are constantly re-recreating the world in which we live in. That starts with our intentions. And when we line up with the highest and best inside of us this world cannot stop us but must re-shape itself to conform to our loving will.

The Power Of Creation

It was written long ago “In The beginning”

Later still, “In the beginning was the Word

If we but be still and listen with our hearts

The echoes of that voice can still be heard.

“Let there be light – the indisputable fact

That first as of all the continuing creation

Christ was in Her/Him creating the world

As were we by all reasonable indication.

“Nor without him was anything made nor us

As the evidence of our lives might well infer

That the Creator the great gift of creation

Did on creation the gift of creation confer.

All that and more we have together wrought

Whatever was before or yet today remains

We have only ourselves to credit or blame

Rejoicing in our creations, taking such pains.

Look no further than the mirror to guess the one name

The Co-creator of our world – He, She, We all, the same

The Power Of Creation just think it and it will come true

The Power Of Creation always has been in us, me, you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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