Bonjour, Frenchy

Blog 893 – 02.03.2018

Bonjour, Frenchy

I was folding up a Bounty paper towel that I had used to make a couple of sandwiches on, thinking that I might reuse it. When I saw the Bonjour I remembered a little French girl zipper pull that I picked up to remind me of all the lovely French girls that I have known.

Bonjour, Frenchy

Her nick name was “Frenchy” way back in Junior High

If that pricks your imagination, if you are wondering why,

What are French girls famous for? Their kissing for sure,

Their beauty, the Can-Can, teasing thoughts quite impure.

French girls are famous for their loving, Paris, city of lights

Full of so many pretty French girls, all warming the nights

In every girl there’s a French girl when she finds her Pierre

Cigarette between her lips, Tangoing, a beret atop her hair.

Humphrey and Ingrid are not the only ones dream of Paree

So thrilled were we, the Allies, to set that fine lovely city free

All those lovely French girls threw flowers, kisses at the boys

Everyone knows that French girls, squeezed, are full of joys.

My beret is off to French girls, all the loving ladies in the world

As John Mayer’s sings so well, boys would be gone without a girl.

So I repeat, Bonjour, Good Day, you make them all so very bright

Warm our hearts and other parts in dreams throughout the night.

In tribute to French girls and all the loving girls in this or any world.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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