The Happiest Time Of My Life

Blog 892 – 02.01.2018

The Happiest Time Of My Life

The last couple of years I have made February poetry month at:

and I would like to continue that tradition. So I will take whatever subject that I feel inspired to take on and do my best to to put it in rhyme, meter and feet. Some of the best words ever put to paper or song were written that way and maybe even I will produce a winner or two.

The Happiest Time Of My Life Is Now

Since I was young even a little lad

Whenever her picture I would see

Pretty, attractive Marilyn Monroe

Has inspired many others, also me.

So when on a calendar I saw these words

I thought that I would try to put into rhyme

Just why I agree and feel the same as she

Looking back, Now, is also my happiest time.

I think that is how it is meant to be

“Better every day and in every way.”

If not Now when? We had best begin.

Now is all we have. Be happy Today.

It is high time we threw away our sad excuses

The pretense our happiness was another’s job

Still time today to make new a happy movie

Can I? Sure you can. No doubt about it, Bob.

“What about Bob?” was such a funny movie

As all our lives were meant and can always be

Yesterday, if you were, or tomorrow, you wish to be

Try today, now, this minute, focus on being happy.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and poetry man,

David White

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