A Life Lesson I Have Learned: We Can Do It All

Blog 890 – 01.30.2018

A Life Lesson I Have Learned: We Can Do It All

I start this with a negative sounding comment I used to hear myself make about all the companies that I have worked for: “If you don’t care about the credit, a title, or more pay, they are perfectly willing to let you do it all.” That has often been my experience and I have worked for a lot of companies, supervisors, mid-level managers, executives and CEO’s over my long and quite varied working life.

I do not see that as a complete negative any longer but I see a greater truth at play. We can “Do it all” the only person really stopping us is ourself and we do that in so many ways. Like using the above quote as a justification for not doing what we can and in most cases would really like to do but only if we get the credit, the title, and the pay.

I am a speaker. I love to talk and I have a mind and a heart full of stories to tell and like my father before me (That is a great Luke Skywalker line) I do every chance that I get. But believe me I would do it and will for free, no title, nor even credit required. I feel the same about my writing, singing, and teaching. Someday when I have all my debts paid off and can live on my retirement I will be free to accept, speaking, writing, singing, and teaching engagements any where and at any time in the world. And I would asking no more than transportation costs and living away expenses for it, if even that.

I actually did have a brother in Africa ask me to come and speak to his group once but I had to decline because of my day job. One friend in Australia even said that he had an extra room in his house with my name on it anytime that I was in the area. Now that is what I would really like, to have so many friends around the world that I could just spend the next forty or so years, that I have left I mean after I can quit my day job (Hey I did tell you that I plan to live at least one hundred fifteen years and have my mind and strength like Moses did at the last), visiting my friends, speaking, writing, singing, teaching, and sharing all over this big beautiful blue ball.

Hey, it is on my personal business card and I aim to make it so more and more, every day and in every way. One of my favorite mantras is: “I am getting better, and better every day, and in every way.” And the Peanut gallery echoes, “Ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth.” But not just me but you, too, if you choose to believe it is so. We really can do it all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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