To Encourage Others Along The Way

Blog 889 – 01.29.2018

To Encourage Others Along The Way

I sometimes wonder if my prolific singing/poetry

Is not some precursor to a soon pending fate

Or is it just a thrilling child’s Christmas curiosity

To open all my gifts right now and not to wait.

Whether it be one or the other, or more likely both

Be it known my plan is to live flat out each today

To speak, to write, to sing, write songs, to teach

Time remains, to encourage others along the way.

I wrote to a dear friend recently that all I want to do is entertain, encourage, and maybe enlighten with my words both blogged, spoken and sung. I wish I had had such a clear vision for my life early on and perhaps I did but just got distracted. It is so easy to do as Jesus warned the boys after their great Mount Of Transfiguration experience where they saw Jesus glowing and equal to the prophets Moses and Elijah. That story always reminds me of the scene at Luke Skywalker’s daddy’s funeral pyre where he sees the glowing figures of his dad and Obi-Wan. What Jesus told the boys who had seen and understood clearly who he was and had also thereby gotten a glimpse of who they truly were and and what they too might accomplish. Jesus’ words to them in modern poet jargon:

Boys calm yourselves and cool your jets

Such a vision even a wise person forgets

The cares of life and deceits of money are so strong

Cause us to forget who we are and where we belong.

Whatever else one believes or does not about Jesus he was entertaining, encouraging, and enlightening and in those ways I want to be most like him. We can all be if we choose for it is in us, for we are all made from the same cloth, the same pattern. Yes, and I believe we are headed in the same direction – Home. Still it is nice when we can encourage someone else or be encouraged ourself along the way.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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