Not That Different

Blog 888 – 01.28.2018

Not That Different

A friend who knows how much I love learning and sharing new and old songs from all genres shared with me a CD by Collin Raye. I had heard and already know and love a couple of songs on the CD but I have found that familiarity contrary to the proverb often breeds love and not contempt. I downloaded the CD to ITunes on my ancient Acer laptop and then added the songs to a Zip drive along with a Carpenters CD that I recently purchased. With the Zip drive I can listen to the songs over and over again and sing along with them till they are truly mine.

As much as I love recording songs to share on my Daily Mockingbird Song email from my karaoke machine I have discovered that my 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 in addition to being a pretty fine pickup truck is also an excellent sound studio on wheels. We have come so far from that first little reel to reel AIWA tape recorder that I got for Christmas so many years ago. With a zip or flash drive in the Ram’s excellent sound system, containing one or more of my many favorite tunes, my IPad, with a recording app, and my smart phone where I can Google the complete lyrics, I can record with the greatest of ease my mockingbird songs just like I knew what I was doing. And I really don’t other that just how to be a mocking bird like my daughter Emily – The Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along. The only difference, her voice and mine, and she performed her songs mostly live, while I mostly email my songs to anyone that I have an email address for that I think might even remotely care to hear my daily song.

To date I have sent out over one hundred different songs, one each day since I started over three months ago and not one death threat yet. Oh, I have gotten a few “Take me off your Mockingbird list requests.” But also as many, Add Me(s).” You might be thinking, “You’re never going to be a singing sensation, Dave.” There’s where you are wrong. I already am, and reaching the daily audience that I was meant to save one, maybe you. I dare you to find out. Email me your email address at mine:

I will add you to the Daily Mockingbird Song email and take you off just as quickly if you like or rather don’t like my songs. No cost, no advertising apart from an occasional plug for what I might be posting on this blog, just a song that this mockingbird feels like singing to you and anyone who will listen.

Are we so different? I don’t think so. And as soon as I have made Collin Raye’s song “Not That Different” my own, I will share it with you here and on the Daily Mockingbird Song email.

Here is today’s Daily Mockingbird Song:

It’s Yesterday Once More

Your friend, fellow traveler, and mockingbird,

David White

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