Dave’s Angels

Blog 885 – 01.25.2018

Dave’s Angels

It is interesting to think about Angels. What Abraham Lincoln is supposed to have said of his beloved mother was: “All that I am I owe to my Angel mother.” Most of us love our mothers – faults, failings, and all, and would nominate them for sainthood or a halo. I am convinced that most of us do the best we can with what we have to work with and from time to time do indeed get a little help from Angels seen or unseen. The Psalmist David someone has said had two angels that followed him always and I paraphrase the Twenty Third Psalm to back up that theory “Surely Goodness and Mercy follow me wherever I go on my way home to Father’s house.”

In my own way I am a psalmist, singer, songwriter. David had two angels, Charlie had three, and I have had many more than four. The definition of angels in one place is “ministering spirits” and we are told that we have “often entertained angels unaware.” In a very real sense our friends and our family are our angels, indeed all the people who do for us are our angels. I love the expression, “Be an angel.” We all have it in us to be somebody’s angel and that beautiful and bashful inner child within each of us always sees us as her hero/angel.

One of my favorite paintings that I have used often as my blog theme picture and that I post above again today is called The Rapture Of Psyche. It is not just the handsome form of the angel nor the classic beauty of the young woman but it is the expression of rapture on her face that is the real visitation of angels whatever form they take for us. I have an Altoids Peppermint tin that has an angel pictured in a red dress with horns. She is to me every bit an angel too and a much more useful one than the choir type. I have an irreverent sounding little joke that I have delivered more than once that to me has a deep spiritual meaning. Upon seeing a particularly scantily clad or attractive well appointed woman I will remark to a nearby male friend that Jesus loved whores and so do I. Before you write me off has a lustful dirty old man, and I am completely, I confess, what Jesus actually said to the church folk of his day, pretenders, was that the whores would enter the kingdom of heaven ahead of them along with the tax collectors – they were at least honestly seeking what they desired, sex and money. If we all honestly followed the desires of our heart they would lead us home. For like the casinos the game is rigged – the House, Home, Heaven always wins as will we if we but follow the desires of our heart which are all given us to guide us home. Here is a proof text if you need one: “Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Therefore where then do all the desires of our heart come from and lead back to but from and to God who gave them to us for no other purpose? If we really understand that, we, too, will have a look of rapture on our face.

I would rather be one of God’s wanton whores or one of His greediest money grubbing tax collectors that to be a sour puss Church person, miserable because not only will I not let myself do what I really want to do but also because I refuse to let anyone else pursue their own desires for happiness either without judging and condemning them. That is what Jesus said of the church people of his day, the Pharisees and the Sadducees, he said, “Not only do you not enter in but you stand in the door way preventing others from entering in.” But not they nor anyone will ever stop us whores and tax collectors from getting into heaven. Our heaven has already begun here. I am still working on loving tax collectors but I have already gotten the whore part down. Can’t you tell by that rapturous smile on my face?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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