You Can Only Become What You Are

Blog 886 – 01.26.2018

You Can Only Become What You Already Are

One of my fellow bloggers that I have been following for several months posted about a meditation teacher that taught him some years ago that in spite of the noise without that he could be find the quiet within and that he should be able to meditate even in a crowded and noisy airport terminal. Paul, my fellow blogger, said he did not find that quiet place at the time but found it later to be true for him. Today about mediating he has found that quiet place within but that he still loves to meditate best out in nature especially the Australian bush with which he is so familiar. He went on to say that meditating there made him him more whole.

I find it interesting how someone else’s words can often inspire us in even perhaps a different way than they were intended. I carry in my pocket a medallion in the shape of a heart that has stamped on one side, “Thank you for this day, Spirit.” And on the other side is written, “I am Holy, I Am Whole.” Every time I take my change out of my pocket I read those words as a sort of mantra to remind me to always say thanks and that I am, have always been, and will always be holy and whole no matter how I may appear even to myself at any given moment.

Paul’s words reminded me of the words on my pocket medallion that I have stamped on my heart but also a new wrinkle on them came to me, the phrase that I immediately wrote down to be the title and launching pad of this piece: “You can only become what you already are.” Paul’s words about feeling or becoming more whole we have probably all used but I think there is a deeper understanding of the words holy and whole. I have come to believe the best meaning of Holy is another word that is pronounced the same but spelled a little different – wholly. This type of holiness if conferred is done so before we begin our adventures. Whole or holy is not something you grow into or become but something that you are – sometimes what you think you are has little to do with anything more than how you act. Or maybe the reverse of that is equally true, it is as you think that you act, and what you think is “your truth.” Thank heaven though we can change our thinking, our reality really, but that is because we are whole. Half or incomplete measures accomplish very little. That is often why our prayers and best intentions do not seem to be answered or to come to fruition. We sabotage our own dreams by our wishy washy thinking. Often it is not making up our minds about what we really want and believing that it will come to us that is the way we behave the most incomplete. But we are not incomplete nor in need as the romance novels say of finding our “better half” or the One to make us whole. He/She already did that long ago when She/He made us in their likeness completely One and Holy, Holy, Holy,

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

One thought on “You Can Only Become What You Are

  1. David,
    This is a beautiful piece and very affirming. I am impressed with your writing seems to just get better and better, not to say the wisdom was not always there but your expression become more beautiful each day. Namaste.


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