“It’s All Good”

Blog 884 – 01.24.2018

“It’s All Good”

I have written several blogs now about or featuring the ying yang symbol and the various meanings that I find in it. One young man refers to it as the 69 symbol which reminds me of another symbol of a snake eating its own tail. Some critters, men and women just have excellent taste is all I choose to say about that but back to what I believe to be one of the highest and best meanings of the ying yang symbol which I have come to prefer to the Cross, the Star of David, the Crescent Moon and Star, and so many other religious symbols.

The Bible contrary to what many people believe does not always get it right but when it does it is pretty fine and there are so many wonderful things one can find in the Bible. Still like with any book or writing even this blog, one must swallow what they can and spit out the rest. I am thinking of a line that I particularly like early in the Bible where the Creator God has just finished creating, and I paraphrase the line for you, says: “ It’s All Good.”

The first thing we wrongly picked up, and we must rightly put down before we can ever find our way back to the paradise which life was always meant to be for us, is – judgement. That is a hard pill for most of us Law and Order fans to swallow especially those who like The Special Victims Unit best. You know, the one with the sexy brunette short haired lady that deals with especially heinous crimes. There is no and I repeat for emphasis THERE IS NO SUCH THING as an especially heinous crime. That is just a judgment call.

I heard this morning of a report from the west coast of a young woman who escaped from her home where her parents had held her and twelve other siblings, ranging from two to twenty nine, captive, starved, and tortured by their own mom and dad. I know you are probably thinking, “Those sick bastards deserve to die.” Not me, I cried as much for the mom and dad as for the kids, sick bastards indeed. Just how sick and twisted inside someone would have to be to do that to children especially their own but then aren’t all children really our own children and all moms and dads our own too and needing our love not our judgements especially the really sick ones?

I am convinced we are not built to be judges nor to be executioners. Just look at the way our war veteran military people are killing themselves daily, sick and twisted inside from playing executioners for us because we sent them to kill terrorists and in so doing made them terrorists. We always become the enemy we fight.

Some days ago now as a nation we honored and rightfully so Martin Luther King Jr. He was not a perfect man. I don’t believe there ever was one or a perfect woman not even Jesus or Mary. Stories have a way of taking a life of their own. After heroes die we enjoy making our heroes larger than life. MLK’s great accomplishment for the Civil Right Movement and all of us came because he knew that the only real progress that ever comes, comes non-violently. Things forced upon other people never last but breed contempt and resistance that just crops up in other places, ways, and times.

Want to change the world and people – change the way you see it and them. Cease judging the world and the people you see. It and they are only a reflection of you. Stop judging yourself, Mommy/Daddy let that child be. We are that mom and dad in the story and many of us have tortured, starved, and kept prisoner our inner child for more than twenty nine years. That is the lesson we are here to learn – love, we are not here for judgement.

The first thing we wrongly picked up is the last thing we want to put down to find our way back to paradise, but we must for it says we are measured by the same measure with which we measure. Put down that yard stick, that measuring cup and let Love do it’s perfect work in us and through us. That is why we are here, not to judge, just to love.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

One thought on ““It’s All Good”

  1. I’m reading this and going – YES! In a strange turn I have recently begun an argument with the state attourney generals dept as I was called up for jury duty, and I am saying – I cannot do that on the basis that I am not judging anyone, because essentially that is what I would be doing, seems trivial, but its real for me (plus, the Bar Association are constantly asking the govt to move to trial without jury).


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