Illusive Butterfly

Blog 2751 – 05.11.2023

Illusive Butterfly

It is said that the name of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures comes from the term most often used to describe the way they behave and that flutter by over time became butterfly. Bob Lind in his beautiful mid-sixties song Illusive Butterfly compares love to a butterfly.

I recall a young Vietnamese mama-son (maid or housekeeper) referring to the GI’s whose boots she polished, beds she made, clothes she washed and ironed, and whose hooch (bunk house) she kept swept and tidied as butterflies because they flitted from girl to girl the way butterflies do from flower to flower.

She marveled that I was unlike most of even my married comrades and remained faithful to my young wife back home. My wife did even to me for a little over half of my eleven month tour in Vietnam. Alas, as the line from the ole Her Haw love song goes, she met another and (tongue between lips sound) she was gone.

Romantic love seems for many of us like an Illusive butterfly. Many an angry young man and frustrated young woman have found the situation intolerable and just want off the broken merry-go-round. Ah, but those fortunate few of us who hung on to our “nets of wonder” till we caught or were caught by love sweet love, still believe in the beauty and power of love to set the world right.

Butterflies have a short life span as do many even great loves. Even those that last for many years still have a painful and difficult parting at the end. We can either live in constant fear of that painful good-bye or choose to enjoy each beautiful and precious moment as we flutter by.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Bob Lind – Elusive Butterfly

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