The Art Of Saving

Blog 2749 – 05.09.2023

The Art Of Saving

My dad tried his best to teach me to save a little bit of all the money that passed through my hands. Since there has already been more than three million dollars to have done so, had I learned that lesson as a boy I would be even richer than I am today. The definition of rich is “enough” precisely why many even billionaires are reluctant to refer to themselves as rich for what they have never seems to be enough. The reason some pretend to be billionaires when they are not is another sort of poverty not covered by today’s blog.

A dear friend I met some years ago taught me the importance of having and maintaining a “cash stash” reserve. One is never poor when they have enough for rainy days, storms, and those big unexpected events that require cash on hand to meet. She said that she squirreled away every one hundred dollar bill she ever got, saved her change, and always kept envelopes of cash, saving for this or that future purchase or possible eventuality. So I began to amass a little treasure to be such a buffer against the winds of adversity. If we do not we are forever wage slaves and constantly at the mercy of creditors to meet those unpredictable expenses that really are quite predictable after all.

Experts calculate how much savings one should always have stashed away. Whatever number they come up with rest assured it is not enough. Once you start saving never stop. I promise you that the first time you meet that first big expense out of your own reserves without having to incur debt you will be so happy that you will vow to yourself never to stop saving. My family survived Covid without having to go back into debt and that would have never happened had I not followed my friend’s advice.

There is a rare animal that some think long extinct, the savopotomus, but it is not extinct just rare. For your own sake and those who depend upon you be one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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