The Happiest Time Of My Life Is Now

Blog 2744 – 05.04.2023

The Happiest Time Of My Life Is Now

One of my dad’s favorite TV shows was the early nineteen-fifties spy thriller, I Lead Three Lives. The sometimes thriller if not spy story that has been my life might be named, I Married Four Wives. The duration of those four marriages, very different tales, was one year, three and a half, seven, and thirty-three almost thirty-four and counting. The first was a Barbara (a Virgo),the second a Linda (a Leo) the third a Sandra (a Pisces) and the fourth and most likely last a Linda (also a Leo.)

I married two Lindas and though both were Leo’s they are very unique and different people. I believe that I was and that I am a very different person for having loved them both. The wise worm in Alice In Wonderland gives some very good advice that we should perhaps all consider, “I no longer travel back in time for I was a very different person then.” We all spend and have spent way too much time blaming ourselves for past mistakes wishing we could go back and change things when the reality is that we are no longer those same people and should focus not on the past nor the sweet bye and bye but the sometimes nasty but also ever sweet now and now.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Brandon Heath – I’m Not Who I Was (Official Music Video)

Brandon Heath – I’m Not Who I Was (Official Music Video)

Leo the Lop (Tale 2)

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