Thank You For Being A Friend

Blog 2733 – 04.23.2023

Thank You For Being A Friend

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother and even children are soon aware of the inestimable value of a true friend. Many jokingly refer to anyone who believes in a higher power as somewhat childish for believing that they have an “invisible friend.”

I understand that viewpoint more than some because for about twenty years in the middle of this life I tried very hard to believe that there is no higher power. I had spent the first third of my life in a narrow fundamentalist cult and the last ten years of that in a personality cult where the leader, the pastor, who was supposed to be caring for the sheep was impoverishing the parishioners while he himself wore expensive clothes and drove two new Mercedes. In attempting to get myself and my family out from under his influence and out of the church that he controlled I lost my family. I got very angry with God about that and vowed never to believe in nor to serve him again.

I think most true atheists are angry with God over some disappointment. My family’s eyes were finally opened and others too saw through that particular con. I don’t think that preacher started out to be a bad man but as the old adage goes “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” One by one he had replaced all the original members of the board of elders who had hired him with men and women loyal to him without question.

A good friend devoted and true always asks the right questions and helps us to stay true to our best and highest self. I have come to believe that the highest power is that – our highest and best self.

He or she is no true friend who only tells you what you want to hear and never challenges you to be a better version, the best version of yourself. Life is more than a quest for popularity or power, money or influence. Life is a place for finding, making, and growing friendships.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Trafalgar True

Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend (Official Music Video)

Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend (Official Music Video)

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