No Box Big Enough

Blog 2732 – 04.22.2023

No Box Big Enough

Many of us spend so much of our lives young and old trying to fit others and ourselves into boxes only to discover that they and we are too big to fit. The reason is simply really, they and we are all so much more than we appear to be. There is a Bible phrase that I have mentioned and probably will again that sizes us up as well as any phrase could I believe when it speaks of us having an exceeding and eternal weight of glory. For all that we may think we are or that we are here to do, discovering our secret identity is at the top of the list.

Many of us as children lay on our backs in the grass looking up imagining we were someone or something other that what we believe ourselves to be in this incarnation. What if we were not so much imagining as remembering.

Dorothy found herself not fitting into her role as an orphaned girl on a dusty Kansas farm and longed for the land she had heard of once in a lullaby, a land somewhere over the rainbow.

Home is where the heart is and heaven is within us all. That makes it highly unlikely that we will ever fit into any box for we are individually and collectively all that and more. In time we all come to recognize and remember just exactly Who and Whose we are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Morgan and Me

Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson The Highwayman

Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson The Highwayman

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