The Whole World At Your Feet

Blog 2726 – 04.16.2023

The Whole World At Your Feet

At one time or another we have all dreamed of world recognition usually without understanding what such an eternal weight of glory might mean practically. A week or so ago, looking for something to watch on TV, I decided to watch the CBS Prince Harry Interview. I had read what critics had to say about it and wanted to weigh his words for myself. Harry has lived a life of celebrity and his mother Princess Dianna died most likely because paparazzi blinded her driver with camera flashes causing him to crash in a tunnel tragically killing himself and his two passengers.

Harry has a grievance against the press and some strong disagreements with how the monarchy has conspired with the press over the years leaking this or that tidbit of information for its own end. I believe that he genuinely wants reconciliation with his father the king and his older brother heir to the throne. He also wants to prevent others from experiencing what he has at the hands of the press.

Harry’s book called “Spare” is a reference to what Harry always felt he was till his brother William and his sister-in-law Kate had children. Some think that Harry just craves attention but then we all do perhaps not realizing as much as Harry does how too much attention can be quite a burden to bear.

Our bodies the Bible says are fearfully and wonderfully made with two of many things: arms, hands, legs, feet, eyes, ears, lungs and kidneys to name a few. We do not think of the lesser use one as a spare but when injury or loss of one of our twin members happens we give more attention and depend more upon the remaining one.

Unless one has a foot fetish feet do not get a lot of attention until one stubs a toe then it’s “Oh, foot.” Philosophers and theologians have long used the members of our body in analogy of our relationship to the body politic, to a religious body, or to our relationship to the cosmos or Universe. Some of the “lesser” members they say are given more glory and attention so that all can work together for the greater good of the body.

I do not know if Harry, the one time spare, will succeed in his quest to make the press more accountable or the monarchy. I do however hope that he is able to be reconciled with his dad and brother. Family is important and like those duplicate body parts we are never very happy to lose even one member.

My feet have served me well since my first step on this earth and I hope to keep them both in good working order till I take that the last step of this wonderful dance among the stars.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Foot Book

Kenny Loggins – Footloose (Official Video)

Kenny Loggins – Footloose (Official Video)

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