…There Was A Girl

Blog 2714 – 03.04.2023

…There Was A Girl

It has been almost nine years since my little girl Emily Elaine White pointed her sinking boat toward home and landed on a better brighter shore. I miss her everyday. Emily enlarged a lot of hearts in her brief thirty-two year life, hearts that eagerly made room for her especially mine.

As Frank Sinatra’s song (link attached below) says so well “there was a girl…loves been good to me.” This September my grand baby girl is expected. She will be the new kid on the block and those who know are already making room in our hearts for her. I am sure like Emily she will require a lot of room to romp and play and teach us all better how to love.

In the Bible story of creation we are told that the first man Adam had it all but that the big brand new world was missing a key ingredient. God caused a deep sleep to come upon him and took one of his ribs and fashioned a helpmeet for him. In the beginning there was a girl. Thank heaven for little girls.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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Love’s Been Good To Me

Love’s Been Good To Me

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