The Winds Of Fortune

Blog 2673 – 02.22.2023

The Winds Of Fortune

It was a windy night in Southeast Texas and the wind is blowing snowy weather across half the country today and rain over much of the rest. I was awakened several times throughout the night by howling winds. Some are fearful of what the winds may blow their way, yet because I trust my loving and infinite source I look for the gift in everything that comes my way. Granted sometimes I have to look harder than at others to see the fortune in those seemingly most misfortunate events, yet still I find it is always there.

It is said that many before they die have their whole lives pass before them and therefore have a chance to really take stock of what that dash between two dates was for them. I have made it my habit for several years to answer that most often asked question, “How are you?” with a smile and a hardy, “Fine and dandy.” I find that even when I don’t feel especially fine and dandy (which is seldom) that just saying those words helps me to recall some especially fortunate moment that I have experienced. I don’t just count my blessings, or happy times, when I have trouble getting to sleep, but while I am waking as well. Most people love warm and sunny days the best but I am just as fond of snowy, rainy, cool, and cold days, and even dark and stormy nights.

When my almost eleven years departed daughter Emily was a little girl she had a little Charlie Brown Peanuts book that Snoopy his pet beagle had written. It was a classic scary story and was titled and began, “It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…” I loved reading that little book aloud to her and she always found it amusing. Two old sayings go, “Life is what we make it” and “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.” As I remind myself and others often, we are the masters of our fates. We are the captains of our souls. Even when we feel powerless and the least in control of what is happening in our lives we can control how we react to what life presents us, what the winds of fortune blow into our lives.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Fire And Rain

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