Overcoming A Weariness Unto Death

I no Blog 2671- 02.20.2023

Overcoming A Weariness Unto Death

As much as I wish, hope, and intended to live another thirty years or so and reach my goal of writing 10,000 encouraging word blogs, I am as the Bible quote goes, “Neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet.” Therefore as the disclaimer at the end of my daily mantra says, “I make these and all my intentions for the highest good of myself, the Universe, and everyone.”

I prefer to go in mid stride or in my sleep with all my parts working and in my right mind. I do not intend to allow myself to be overtaken by the disease that affects up to as many as a third of seniors – a weariness into death. Do I think we get to choose our ending, our beginning, our middle? Of course I do, don’t you?

I believe as the poem Invictus concludes that, “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” More than anything else I believe the sure and certain knowledge of Who and Whose I am will keep me safe and sound whatever lies in store for me. Be my journey ahead short or long, I fully intend to enjoy every step of the way.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Long And Winding Road

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