Law And Disorder

Blog 2662 – 02.11.2026

Law And Disorder

There is a myth that law brings order, yet according to another story that many think mythical as well, there was once a time before the law when there was but on rule and two people conspiring to break that one rule, were tried, found guilty, and sentenced to expulsion and hard labor for the rest of there days, actually many life sentences by today’s standards for at least one of offenders lived well past nine hundred years, or so the story goes.

Whatever is your point Crazy Dave? My point is just this, law and order, justice if you prefer is a myth. Winston Churchill is often quoted as saying, “Democracy is a very bad form of government, but I ask you to remember that all the others are so much worse.” In a pure democracy everyone would have one vote and everything would be decided by a majority vote. We have never had that in this country. The vast majority of those who fought to free the thirteen colonies from British rule did not qualify to vote as only property owning white males were afforded the right to vote by the Articles of Confederation and later by the United States Constitution. It would be more than a century before women were allowed the vote and even today laws are being passed to limit who can vote.

Most laws are written to favor some and penalize others and politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, and judges all have their fingers on the scale that supposedly blind justice holds.

According to the New Testament the purpose of the law, perhaps even the first rule was to show us a better way, the “yet I show you a more excellent way” – not law but love. To my mind, one if not the best rule they ever came up with is The Golden Rule, and no I do not mean “Those with the gold make the rules” but the kinder gentler one, “Do to others as you would have them do unto you.”

This rule has done more to create a better world and still does more that all the others combined.

It ought to be a law.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

In The Jailhouse Now

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