Love Is Also Letting Go

Blog 2657 – 02.06.2023

Loving Is Also Letting Go

In the famous Love Chapter, First Corinthians Chapter Thirteen, the Apostle Paul paints a pretty complete picture of love.

Often what masquerades as love is a perverse desire to make someone over, to convert them, to change them, or to take away their free will. That is not love but some kind of prison project. It is so easy to project upon another our idea of Sleeping Beauty or Prince Charming.

Love is not blind but with eyes wide open recognizes another’s limitations and honors and accepts them not trying to make them over. Or hold them captive.

Do people change? They can indeed but those changes should be their own choice and no one else’s.

In the middle of this month we celebrate love on Valentines Day, a day that we honor the person that we love most. In elementary school on Valentines Day we gave everyone in our class a Valentine Day card. The stores sold bags of little inexpensive cards for this purpose all expressing some variation of the theme, “Be mine, Valentine.”

True love is all about choice and not just our choice, but that of the beloved above and beyond our own. Love is never selfish in the classical sense, self-seeking. The old adage is, “If you love someone set them free.” We do that best by honoring their own uniqueness and right to remain autonomous.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

When You Come Back To Me Again

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