Only Repeating What I Have Heard

Blog 2655 – 02.04.2023

Only Repeating What I Have Heard

The prophets of old only claimed to be spokesmen and spokeswomen for the divine. True poets and artists are that too merely sharing what they have heard and seen. In this space for almost eight years now I have tried each morning to listen for the encouraging word and share that with readers around the world. I’m like mockingbird as the song says, with no new song to sing, only repeating what I have heard.

In at least one of the Christmas stories recorded in the Gospels we have an account passed down by word of mouth regarding shepherds in in fields watching over their flocks who overheard a choir of angels singing, “Peace on earth good will to men.” Some think it was a one time event, but I think not, more likely the angels like the birds of the air are always singing. Sadly we are not always listening or if we are listening it is to all the background noise and therefore we fail to hear the songs, the words, that matter most.

Many years ago I read an article on the importance of observing a daily quiet time to pray, and to meditate, but more importantly just to listen closely, tuning out all the distracting noise. The opening lines of my daily mantra are:

“My heart and my mind are open. My arms and my hands are open. My mouth nose, ears, and eyes are open to all the Universe has for me, for all the Universe to flow in and through me.”

Will I ever run out of something encouraging to say, to write, or to sing? That will only happen if I cease listening to that still small voice choosing instead to think I have something important of my own to say instead of just being the best mockingbird I can be.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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